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Are Christmas Adverts Getting More Political, or Are We Getting More Sensitive?

December, 2018

Quite an old piece of mine, but one that I’m still proud of - largely because of the amount of research that went into it. Though the subject sparking the central debate of the article is slightly dated now, its exploration of what constitutes as necessary politics and what is deemed as ‘going too far’ is just as relevant today. As well as its consideration into where the line should be drawn to avoid controversy, or whether a new concept is always going to divide people before it becomes widely accepted. 

I wrote this piece in the style of a well-known British newspaper, I won’t say which one as it wasn’t officially published but I’m sure you can guess. It was interesting to go into such depth for an article, especially one concerning a situation that I felt was unjust. Although with so many studies to incorporate it was difficult to avoid writing the piece like an academic essay. Not to mention maintaining a balanced argument!

I still believe that identifying what constitutes as necessary politics is just as essential today, as preventing the ignorance of the population is far more important than any potential controversy.

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All information in the article was correct at the time of being written (December 2018).

Are Christmas Adverts Getting More Political?: Work
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