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10 Reasons Doctor Who is Better When You're an Adult, WhatCulture

January, 2021

During the second lockdown, my boyfriend and I began to re-watch Doctor Who from Eccleston’s era onwards, making me amazed at just how much I missed as a kid. Most importantly how fantastic Eccleston is as the Doctor!

When the first season was originally broadcast back in 2005, 'The Empty Child' scared me so much that the phrase "Are you my mummy?" was enough to give me nightmares. Leaving my family and I unable to watch Doctor Who until season four – so it was goodbye plot and any lasting impression the show had on me.

But as adults, unrestricted by episodes deemed ‘too scary’  - and with unlimited access to streaming services - we’re free to binge our way through the entire series. Allowing my boyfriend and I to rekindle our appreciation for one of the most iconic science-fiction shows of all time.

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