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December, 2018

Again, another piece that I just enjoyed writing. It was fun to explore how the average person would react to the ridiculous world of (Norse) gods and myths. I loved doing all the research for this story, especially as a fan of Marvel’s Thor and Loki (except for Thor: The Dark World, we don’t talk about that). It was fascinating to see just how different the original stories held up to their modern adaptations. Lucy was also a very interesting and different character to write as. *Potential Spoilers* Portraying the battle between her god-inherited intelligence (and psychopathic tendencies) against her normal ‘little girl brain’ was almost like writing about some form of demonic possession; although in this case it’s purely down to her genetics – unfortunately for Sylvia.

If you’re interested in the mythology and/or thesis of the piece, let me know in the Contact section (or send me an email). Or if you have any other questions, please feel free to send me a message at

Lucy: Project
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