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Queer Talk Project

March 2019

Despite having some experience in radio, working on a podcast was entirely different – not to mention awesome. Having the opportunity to use a professional, state-of-the-art recording studio was incredible, albeit difficult!

Our set-up was similar to A Gay and A Non-Gay (if you haven’t already, would definitely recommend checking them out if LGBTQ+ podcasts are your thing), with me as the non-LGBTQ+ (ally) presenter and my co-host being the knowledgeable one as a member of the community. This was to create an inclusive listenership by having myself ask questions that other non-LGBTQ+ people may also have about the community. This experience was invaluable, not just in terms of getting to grips with the tech, but being able to ask (pretty much) anything about the community allowed me to educate myself as well as our listeners.

As mentioned throughout the site, I come from quite a sheltered little village – hence the Journey-inspired title of one of the articles. I believe growing up here was one of the main reasons my knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community was so limited, and why going to university was a bit of a culture shock to me – but in the best way possible. It opened the gateway to experiences I never would have had at home, be it complicated recording tech or going to Hampshire Pride.

My work now aims to challenge prejudices and encourage readers to engage with the modern world. Although these intentions were briefly explored before, in pieces such as in my Iceland article, I think this project was the catalyst for this ideology. Which I hope I can continue to incorporate in my future work - be it fact or fiction. In the words of Anatole France: “it is better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot”. A concept I can now truly appreciate thanks to this project.

Let me know if you have any questions on the Contact page, or send me a message at for business enquiries.



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