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My Professional Journey

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Image by Daniel Korpai
Holding Plant
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Long Train Ride
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Are Christmas Adverts Getting More Political?

December, 2018

An exploration into necessary politics, controversy in the media and what makes a successful advertisement.


December, 2018

Myths and Dreams Piece

Their Story

March, 2019

Fairy Tale Fiction Piece

From Hornton to Winchester

March, 2019

Travel Writing Piece

Queer Talk Project

March 2019

A blog, a podcast and an eye-opening experience.

Beatrice Foxx Saves the Planet

March, 2019

Children's Fiction Piece

The Blunder-her

December, 2019

Crime Fiction Piece

Headspace Article, The Gossip

April, 2020

My meditation journey from stressed sceptic to self-assured advocate.

Seven Good Deeds (Excerpt)

April, 2020

Extended Creative Project (Dissertation)

10 Reasons Doctor Who is Better When You're an Adult, WhatCulture

January, 2021

What I discovered when I re-watched NuWho in lockdown.

Work: Work
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