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Long Train Ride

From Hornton to Winchester
(Travel Piece)

March, 2019

This was quite a different experience from my usual pieces since I’d never written anything travel-orientated before. Consequently, I focused more on my personal journey than the physical experience of moving from one place to the other. I usually find the latter style of travel pieces a bit dull unless a perilous or life-changing expedition is taking place; like exploring the customs of another culture on the other side of the world, or trekking through thick jungles teeming with exotic creatures. Though a simple journey written well can also be just as thrilling. But this is perhaps even more challenging than outlining the details of a grandiose adventure, as I soon discovered.

I think the history woven into the piece really brought it to life, at least for me. I especially loved finding out about Winchester, having never realised just how much history was contained in the city of my students days. It’s amazing to think of the likes of Jane Austen, King Alfred and even King Arthur (allegedly) walking through the same cobbled streets that I did to reach my university lectures on time.

Meanwhile, Hornton continues to be ‘that little village in the middle of nowhere’, and seems to have always been that way according to the scarce records on its past. But perhaps its hidden mysteries are to waiting to be discovered in another piece…?

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From Hornton to Winchester (Travel Piece): Project
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