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Image by Daniel Korpai

Headspace Article,
Hornton's The Gossip

April, 2020

With the recent surge in improving mental health, not to mention increasingly troubling headlines weighing on people’s minds, wellbeing techniques are becoming more relevant than ever in today’s world. Headspace’s practical approach to meditation helped me enormously in a time of need and continues to support me to this day. Whether readers have a longstanding mental health condition or a fleeting anxious thought, the meditation techniques used by Headspace aim to re-inform our interactions with the world and the mind to help decrease stress. Therefore, I wanted to share the platform in case it could provide readers with some respite from coronavirus fears, or a new pursuit to explore now that we’re all spending the majority of our time indoors.

I originally wrote this article earlier in the year with my usual (attempted) humorous tone, but this didn’t feel quite right for my local village newspaper (The Gossip), in which the article was later published. Therefore, I have provided the original piece and the published piece – so it’s up to you whether you want to read cringy jokes, or a more to the point, professional piece.

Let me know if you have any questions on the Contact page, or send me a message at for business enquiries.

Headspace Article, Hornton Gossip: Project
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